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Political wisdom

I don’t know about other people, but I feel the quality of our politicians has declined over the past 4 decades.

Qualities such as integrity, stability, decency, honesty and above all, wisdom, are boxes which are rarely ticked these days.

Any decent pollie who doesn’t toe the party line and dares to speak on behalf of their actual electorate, is soon brushed to one side and becomes almost ineffective.

In recent times, there have been very few pollies of any real quality and, if I was to single one out as being head and shoulders above the rest, it would be Tony Windsor.  He was far ahead of the pack when it came to wisdom and decency. Such a shame for the nation that he had to leave politics.

We can only hope and pray this current slump in quality will be corrected, so our nation can again have a political arena with many worthy statesmen.


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Why it is so.

Why it is so.

Carbon Tax cartoon – Will anything else be effected by axing the carbon tax?

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Repercussions ?

Repercussions ?

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