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They will never learn.

Just because no one is talking about university fees, doesn’t mean they are dead – buried – and cremated. I think they’re just in political hibernation, and will be woken as soon as a pollie feels there’s value in flogging that particular dead horse.

Free education for all Australians is to the benefit of Australia, not just the students.

It maximizes the potential of Australia’s greatest assets, our children.

If we don’t fully develop this asset, then Australia is not advancing at its maximum capacity.

Australia can’t afford NOT to have free education for all Australian children.


Education, at a price.

Education, at a price.


Political antics

Interesting times in our political world. I’d love to be that fly on the wall and hear what really happens behind those closed doors.

Although, getting to know the actually truth (as opposed to spoon fed spin) might just be a bit too terrifying.

All we can do is sit back, wait for the next chapter and hope the ride is not too bumpy.

Or you could phone your local pollie and express your opinion. Then have a good sit down and a nice cold beer.


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Interesting times in politics

Interesting times in politics

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