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Budget decisions

With an abundance of thought bubbles emanating from Government sources, the future appears to be as confusing as the past has been.

Fixing our Economy seems to be high on the agenda, and so it should be. But exactly what to do is a bit of a quandary for them.

I suspect, that if they had any “Terms of Reference”, a Para might exist which reads something like; “Make effective financial changes, which vastly improve our Economy’s situation whilst making us far more popular”. (And good luck with that!!).

Taxation changes, privatization, spending cuts, big biz concerns, education and health are just a few of the many elements in the mix which may affect the next Budget.

But so far, we’ve seen such a variety of signals send out, amended and disputed, that anything could happen, and probably will.

To those decision makers I say, “Don’t stuff it up, it may be your last chance”.




Budget decisions

Budget decisions

Latest cartoon. Decision time is ? – Soon – Now – Too late.

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Decision time is NOW

Decision time is NOW

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