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Mick’s promo video

Well, after a few delays, I’ve finally created a brief (less than a minute) animation thing which promotes what I do in cartoons and illustration.

You’ll find it here

Comments are welcome (maybe I shouldn’t have said that).




Elections campaigns come and go.

And now for something totally different. Over the years, many of us have been subjected to intrusively boring election campaigns which seem to go on and on and . . . . .

Politicians and their rhetoric in your face everywhere you turn. It just doesn’t stop. Like a bad itch or annoying uncle that just won’t go away.

A tsunami of policies, promises, distortions, and political spin continually pushed at you until you’ve overdosed beyond repair. Aaaarrgh.

Yes, we all know how it feels. So with that in mind, I came up with something different, a new approach I’m trying out which may express how we all feel during an intense election campaign.

It’s on YouTube, and you’ll find it here . . .

Constructive comments welcome.

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