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Born to Rule (from the pedestal).

Politicians are no different to anyone else in the country, except they have been vested, by the people, with the authority to run the nation in accordance with all applicable documentation. They are employed by the people, who (supposedly) consider them to be leaders, to make decisions for the benefit of the country and its citizens, AND to behave in a statesman like manner.

Unfortunately, within our current political world, the number of politicians with these desired qualities has diminished. Very few Pollies behave appropriately. They’re focussed firmly on discrediting any messenger with an adverse message. They put most of their energy into maintaining their own political career. Very little of their time and energy is left to run the country in an appropriate manner.

Many of them seem to think they are better than the average person, up on a pedestal, and as such are entitled to a champagne lifestyle. This possibility could be considered if we had full employment, no homeless, and free education for every child.

Regardless of who is to blame for this situation, there’s only one group who can repair the damage. The politicians.

Hence, we can only pray and live in hope (and vote).


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Them and us.

Them and us.


Has the Captain made his last call?

Well, the winds of change are picking up in Canberra again as the Media report rumours of another possible leadership spill/challenge.

It’s only 3 weeks since Abbott survived the last spill motion. Could another one take place so soon?  And is it wise to do so?

Some say this situation is due to his recent performance. Well, that may be a factor, but I feel it runs deeper than that and, is more entrenched in the long line of broken promises we’ve seen since they’ve been in power.

Break 1 or 2 promises and they’re soon forgotten, but many more are hard to forget, or forgive.


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What to do with a broken promise.

What to do with a broken promise.


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