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Hidden family

A brief post I made a few years ago was about “hidden adoption” and the joys subsequently denied to family members.

I’ve received a lot of the positive feedback on  the posting.  So I’m posting it again (below) in the hope it may be read by those who have knowledge, and are in a position to cause some happiness

It might just unite family members who are not aware of each others existence.

It may also open up essential knowledge on family health history.

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I have condensed an extremely long story into just a few words…………….


I had a normal family life; Mum, Dad, Brother, School, holidays, friends, jobs, cars, marriage, kids, good-times, bad-times, mortgage etc.

Three years after Mum died (Dad died first); I discovered Dad was not my biological Father. I asked the few remaining relatives and friends of Mums and they all said much the same thing, “What, didn’t they ever tell you?” It seems most knew this secret except my brother and me.

Research revealed who my real Father was (Basil), and he was still alive. I made contact and, over the next couple of years, enjoyed many outings with him at a local pub for fish and chips and two glasses of Guinness. Basil asked me not to make contact with his two sons who lived nearby.

He had little contact with my Mother after I was born, and didn’t know why I hadn’t been told. It seemed nobody alive knew why I wasn’t told.

Basil died a couple of years later and I finally met my two brothers. At Basil’s wake, I learnt a lot about many family members, most long deceased, and some alive. I call that day “Four cousins and a funeral”, when I was welcomed into my newfound extended family.

I’ll never know the real reason for not being told, and people have asked me how I feel about the whole scenario. I guess my only emotion is of mild anger and sadness for not being told, because it denied me half a lifetime of potential contact with an extended family. Years of family interaction opportunities lost. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, and Nieces never met, never known.


So my request to you is; if you know anybody who is holding such a secret, PLEASE ask them to reconsider and tell those involved. Pressure them to reveal all information so that family connections can be made, giving people the opportunity to enjoy family relations.

Regardless of the circumstances, ask them not to deny family members the knowledge they are entitled to, the knowledge to make their own decisions.



Over to you……………..


Privatising an apple a day.

Caution: This tale has two possible endings;  Final Para [A] or [B].  The choice is yours.


Every day, the government sold an apple to each of its citizens. These apples were grown on a government farm which was looked after by government employees. Being a normal government operation, staff numbers and staff wages were kept to a minimum. Under this arrangement, citizens were charged 15 cents per apple which covered all operational overheads without making a profit.

Enter (stage right) the clever dynamic progressive politician who feels this apple service should be privatised. Naturally, this has nothing to do with his recent discussions with a private company. The politician pacified concerned citizens by telling them there would be NO change to the price and availability of the apples. Indeed he said, it would promote “competition”, and probably lower the price of apples.

So the apple farm with its sales operation was sold to a company which had outbid other contenders (that’s the “competition” element covered).

Now that it had a new owner, there were a couple of extra aspects to be taken into account. The new managerial staff are on higher remuneration packages, and the company shareholders need to be taken into account. Normally, these additional overheads would have increased the selling price of the apples, but the CEO controlled this by employing less farm staff, and paying them lower wages. Thus there was NO (immediate) change to the price and availability.

All shareholders were cautiously happy.

Within 18 months, the CEO’s bonuses plus growing shareholders’ dividends put further financial pressures on an already struggling farm. As a result, management doubled the price of apples and halved the farm staff, publicising this as being “unfortunate” but due to increased market forces and competition.

Exit (stage right) the politician (not re-elected).

All shareholders were happy.

Within a year, there were further “unfortunate” market forces which, once more, brought increased prices and staff reductions.

All shareholders were very happy.

Two years later, the apple farm and sales operation were sold on to another company which was controlled by overseas interests. They soon stripped the apple business of its assets and it ceased to exist.

All shareholders were extremely happy.

Locally produced apples were no longer available.

FINAL PARA [A] Government proceeds from the original sale were used to send politicians on overseas fact finding missions, with a focus on how to maximise benefits of privatisation activities.

or . . .

FINAL PARA [B] Government proceeds from the original sale were used to send politicians on overseas fact finding missions, with focus on how to grow cheap apples for its citizens.


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Budget decisions

Budget decisions

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