The party is over.

The party is over. So now the hangover begins.  Or so it will seem to a large number of people who did not want Abbott as their Prime Minister.  The last few years has seen many blogs and media outlets rubbishing the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments, with such crude and venomous tones unheard of in Australian politics before now.  I won’t name those I blame for dragging our political scene down into the gutter, but those of you, who follow our politics and aren’t firmly rusted onto one side or the other, will know who they are.

But now that we have a fresh government, let’s hope our politicians and media will act in the manner most Australians expect them to.  Many of them need to clean up their act. We have a great country, and we don’t need regression by those selfish agenda driven ratbags.

Those who enjoyed the party last night will probably have a hangover for different reasons.  They see a great future for Australia under an Abbott led government.  Here’s hoping they’re right.

Every cloud has that silver lining, and I guess one of them has been the amount of material our political scene has provided for political cartoonists. Fantastic !!    Australia has some outstanding published cartoonists and many have produced brilliant work over this period.

My work, mostly unpublished, can be seen here by clicking EDITORIAL/POLITICAL on the menu at the top of this page, or on this link here.

Alternatively, you could just sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine.


About cartoonmick

Mick has enjoyed creating cartoons and humorous illustrations since 1996, and his creations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, various manuals and the Internet. Please have a look around Mick’s samples in the 4 sections here and email him for a quote at

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  1. Goodonya Mick! – and keep ‘tooning. Yes, I agree with your comments about the hateful and vile comments from the bloggers and the media and I was sincerely hoping that most of them would have to eat their words but it’s not to be. Oh well, there’s another election in three years and hopefully this one will produce a more civilized discourse but I’m not holding my breath.
    In the meantime, I think it may take a little more than just the one glass of wine.

    • And that is why a very intelligent person designed a wine bottle which holds several glasses of wine.
      This person was probably a much nicer person than many bloggers and Journos we’re aware of.

      Thanks for dropping by.




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