This is a fictional tale and any relation or connection to organisations or persons living today is purely coincidental. 

Prince Tony said climate change was “crap”, and he firmly believed any changes in Earth’s climate were not caused by human activity.

He was not concerned in our survival on Earth, as our immediate future did not appear to be at risk.

But he was interested in his own survival and immediate future at the helm of his powerful realm.

For him to survive, he must keep his “Powerful Big Business” friends happy by allowing them to continue polluting at a minimum cost to themselves.

He devised a fiendish plan, a solution for the happiness of his “Powerful Big Business” friends.

He would pay them to pollute.

Their continued pollution would not affect the earth’s climate, contrary to the opinions of the climate scientists who had not yet been arrested and imprisoned.

As the years went by, Prince Tony found it harder to breathe, but he was not worried, as all around him had similar problems.

The food shortages had not troubled him either, for there was enough left to feed those who had not yet drowned in the rising oceans.

He had authorised his “Powerful Big Business” friends to cut down and burn as many trees as they wished, regardless of the naysayers and increasing sand storms.

His “Powerful Big Business” friends suggested he not alarm himself over the eastern skies which became darker each day, as this was a minimal risk factor and would one day disappear.

Yet the dark clouds grew, the sun was rarely seen and people died from the cold whilst others starved to death.

Undeterred, Prince Tony, in his infinite wisdom, increased the taxes to raise more money to pay for his food and warmth.

But no monies came, there were no people left, no “Powerful Big Business”, for all had perished in the climate change which he believed was not of mankind’s making.

. . . .  and as the dark clouds sank slowly in the west, our lonely Prince Tony finally realized that climate change was not “crap”, it was his plan which was “crap”.


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Mick has enjoyed creating cartoons and humorous illustrations since 1996, and his creations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, various manuals and the Internet. Please have a look around Mick’s samples in the 4 sections here and email him for a quote at

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  1. Not only that, Herr Tony also wants to go back to basics. We ought to start from the days when our earth was round and flat, and all were happy, he announced, while rocking on his heels, glancing around for an ovation of approval which came from a chorus of cane toads and red bellies. We want to go back to basics he said again and also turn back boats, back to basics and turn around the boats he said, the earth is flat and I can’t see anything harmful in that. What you can’t see is not here, all is flat, back to boats and basics…Round and flat and base…

  2. A cautionary tale to be sure Mick – good thing that it could never happen here! After all, Good Prince Tony has told us that it’s all invisible…

  3. Was there supposed to be a cartoon on this page?

    • Hi. No, I just put brief posts here. Samples of my cartoons can be seen by clicking on each of the 4 sections at the top of this page ” Caricature, Political/Editorial, Humorous illustration and Illustration”.


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