The throwaway society

I have an electrical/mechanical background and have fixed numerous things over the years; steam irons, toasters, vacuum cleaners, ovens, radios, TVs, computers, toilets, and minor problems on cars to name a few.

But in our “throwaway society”, many things are not designed to be fixed; buying a replacement item is often cheaper.

The motto seems to be “Replace, don’t repair”.

The home that we (and the bank) own has been around a few years now and shows its age in various ways. I’ve done some small repairs, or had tradespeople in to fix things (and tear my wallet apart at the same time).

Over the last few years, the wheels on several of our sliding windows have been giving us grief and I failed last week in my attempts to remove the wheels from the windows. I was going to take them to the hardware shop to see if I could buy replacements.

It must have been playing on my mind because, the other night, I dreamt that my wife had a tradesman in to fix them, and he said to her “Sorry lady, they don’t make wheels for this style window anymore, you’ll have to buy a new house.”

Now I’m not old by any means, but the ink on my birth certificate is certainly fading, and I’ve had a few bits and pieces repaired along the way, so it worries me that the time will come when my wife will be told “This one can’t be repaired, lady, you’ll have to get a new husband”.

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  1. My friend pokes around the market before finally buying a new husband, she likes to compare prices.

  2. I once spent about two hours repairing a $7 weather radio that my wife likes. The antenna connection had to be re-soldered. Most of the time was spent trying to open and then properly close the case. I took some grief for bothering with that, but she still uses it, so maybe there’s hope that she will keep me.

    • 2 hours well invested, Dan, that is assuming the grief received hasn’t cancelled out any credit you thought you’d accumulated for your efforts. Life can be tough at times !!

  3. I’ve been an electrician and also studied engineering in my past life. Completely agree about the throw away society when it comes to electronics. I miss being able to spray, solder and just generally tinker with stuff to get it working.

    Enjoyed your post. I worry also that my wife may be given the same advise some day soon 😉

    • Thanks for your comments. Fixing things always gave me a sense of satisfaction but finding the cause of the problem was often frustrating. Creative art is more relaxing.

  4. you have got good sense of humor my dear


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