Run, hide, it’s worse than you think ….

Ahead of us, we have 18 weeks of concentrated political propaganda, worst than the deluge Australians have suffered over the last couple of years.

Backroom spin doctors have no regard for our feelings. They don’t care if we’re driven to drink by their productions, or if we seek refuge in caves, taverns or New Zealand.

Wordsmiths aren’t concerned with our mental state, as they ramp up their efforts, blindly pursuing their political party’s singular aim, the prize of Federal Government. They want their party to have the power.

And so they sit and spin, analysing every word spoken or written by their opponents, twisting them, reversing them, shuffling them, until finally they squeeze out another political point.

They plot and plan each sentence, rephrasing and filtering them through a dozen thesauruses, until finally, dripping with bile this verbal ammunition is passed on to their political masters.

Then we, the poor powerless populous, are pounded with a continuous bombardment of poisonous misinformation.

Probably millions of hours and dollars are expended by all party’s in these campaigns.

And it’s such a pity that a similar effort couldn’t be put into actually running the country once the successful party has gained power.

But maybe they’re saving their energies for the next election…………

About cartoonmick

Mick has enjoyed creating cartoons and humorous illustrations since 1996, and his creations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, various manuals and the Internet. Please have a look around Mick’s samples in the 4 sections here and email him for a quote at

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  1. magnoliamoonpie

    well said !!! could the politicians please just get on with it and actually do the jobs we put them in office to do??????!!!!!!


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