Social Media’s Political Muscle.

This year may highlight the growing power of Social Media.

More and more, its persuasive tentacles reach into our daily lives, consuming more of our time, and reaching older generations who would not normally have been bothered with it.

Until recently, journalists reported accurately on what politicians did and said.

People consumed these facts and voted accordingly.

But, things have changed.

Today’s’ trend is the reporting of “selected facts” mixed with the politically biased opinion of either, the News (?) outlet or, the individual journalist.

And in projection these political opinions they attract combinations of (A) rusted on supporters and (B) the opposing “pitchfork” brigade.

Collectively known as “fanatical followers”, their numbers are growing extensively in Social Media as they robustly support the party of their choice.

The effectiveness of their enthusiasm may possibly be measured in this year’s Australian federal elections.

Various social media in Australia are alive in “opinions”, praising and damning, with some dedicated sites dripping in bile as they create their own “facts”.

How much influence this will have on the election’s outcome is debatable, but I’m sure it will be a factor.

All of the above is nothing more than my humble opinion.

About cartoonmick

Mick has enjoyed creating cartoons and humorous illustrations since 1996, and his creations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, various manuals and the Internet. Please have a look around Mick’s samples in the 4 sections here and email him for a quote at

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  1. Yes, every one, organization, party, etc is learning to use and master the use of social media. Technologies that are used to connect and inform are also used to convince and manipulate. It simply reminds me to continue being a conscious and conscientious consumer.


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