We’ve survived the world’s end (21st Dec 2012), and now, most of us have survived Christmas, although I’m sure there’s many a scar to remind us of the day.  And the odds are, the majority of us will survive well into 2013.

Most of us will finish the festive season with many fine memories of family things such as BBQs, reunions, parties, cards, presents, and far too much to eat (and drink).  For some, there’s a week or two of holidays away from home, generally chilling out.

But this may not be everyone’s situation, and some may not get involved in any of these festive activities at all.

Regardless of what they do, sooner or later a majority of people will migrate back to watching TV.

And yet, at this time EVERY year, our TV stations repeat programs which they repeated this time last year and the year before and the yea………….

Repeat !   Repeat !   Repeat !   Repeat !   Repeat !


Do they think we’ve lost our memory?

Do they think we’re all stupid?

Do the advertisers really think they’re getting value for money?

Does anyone know why they do this at this time of year, every year?

Anyone ?

My theory is the TV stations own a lot of holiday venues/shops and all those places where people spend money when they’re not watching TV, and they’re hoping the repeat programs will drive people out to spend more money at these venues.

But I’m probably wrong (again), so lets hear your theory on it.


on TV 100


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