The G spot needs attention.

There’s a major problem with the G spot, and it’s getting worse.

I heard a politician on the radio this morning (can’t get away from them), and as I listened I thought this is it, I’ve had enough, I’ve  got to say something, I’ve got to burst into print, “The G spot needs attention.”

The word “thing” is a relatively easy word to spell and pronounce, but more and more people are pronouncing it as “think”. The G has been removed from its spot and replaced with a K.

Why ?

“Anythink” and “somethink” are probably the most common words subjected to this increasing abuse of our language. I heard those words from the politician on the radio this morning. There are other examples out there and if you listen you’ll hear them most days.

I suspect the problem started just over a decade ago, and was caused by a few lazy, or uneducated, people. But I could be wrong.

This phenomenon has now evolved to the point where many in our younger generations, and some of our nation’s leaders don’t realise they are pronouncing these words incorrectly, and are saying “somethink” about “anythink” they like. They think it is correct.

I’ve even heard journalists and teachers (professions you would expect better from) kicking the G out of its spot. GRrrr  !#$^!%#*”%

We need to do something, a campaign, a rebellion, some education, anything, to get G back into its spot.

Let’s aim to have G back in its spot before Christmas.

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Mick has enjoyed creating cartoons and humorous illustrations since 1996, and his creations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, various manuals and the Internet. Please have a look around Mick’s samples in the 4 sections here and email him for a quote at

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  1. It’s refreshing to find someone discussing important issues for a change– thanks!! : )

  2. This post made me laugh out loud. Clever title there. 😉 I totally agree with you, and while we’re griping about the rapidly degenerating English language, I’d like to add that the word “irregardless” needs to be banned…because it isn’t a word, people! Neither is “supposably”.

    On a lighter note, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Glad you found it inspiring, please continue to stop by. And feel free to “like” me on Facebook, too:

  3. Does the use of split infinitives bother you as much as it does me?

  4. Hi Nandita. I love split infinitives. It makes it so much easier to be expressive, and really get your point across with those one or two extra words.

    Maybe I’m lazy !!

    But, it’s essential, at times, in the world of cartooning.

    Like it or not, it has also become a permanent part of Politicians’ talk.

    With the skillful use of split infinitives, politicians can speak for 10 consecutive minutes without actually answering the question. Hmm, that may not be a good thing !!

  5. Mutilations of the English language always make me cross. I’m not perfect, but, by golly, I try and I can’t stand it that people’s mistakes are becoming the norm. I just read a blog where he said, “I seen…” that right there made me not follow him! You have to decide somehow, yes?! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


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