Has the Captain made his last call?

Well, the winds of change are picking up in Canberra again as the Media report rumours of another possible leadership spill/challenge.

It’s only 3 weeks since Abbott survived the last spill motion. Could another one take place so soon?  And is it wise to do so?

Some say this situation is due to his recent performance. Well, that may be a factor, but I feel it runs deeper than that and, is more entrenched in the long line of broken promises we’ve seen since they’ve been in power.

Break 1 or 2 promises and they’re soon forgotten, but many more are hard to forget, or forgive.


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What to do with a broken promise.

What to do with a broken promise.


Changing political change.

They say they have listened and learnt, and will change their ways.  But will they?

Or will it just be light weight changes, whilst still leaving the heavy lifting to those who can least afford it?

Who can we believe when there are so many conflicting facts(?) being pushed by various pollies?

Think I’ll go back to bed !!!


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Good Gov't learns(?) from listening.

Good Gov’t learns(?) from listening.



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