Homeless people are in a hopeless situation. It is virtually impossible to climb out of that world without help. Regardless of how they became homeless, a majority did not choose that life style. Circumstances beyond their control, and possibly bad decisions, lead them to this hopeless situation.

Various agencies and organisations help with clothes, temporary shelter, meals and other basic needs of the homeless. But these limited resources are only able to give part relief to the symptoms of the situation.

It is our politicians who hold the answer. They are the ones who can initiate action that, not only gives far more effective relief to the symptoms but, takes preventative action which minimises the number of people becoming homeless in the future.

We’ve just had an election for both houses of our parliament. Maybe I’m stupid, but I listened to a lot of the political soap-boxing during the election campaign, and I don’t recall any promises related to the homeless. If there was any political announcement, it certainly wasn’t given much push and priority by the pollies. And yet, that would have been the ideal time for pollies to highlight their compassion in regard to the homeless, and expand on plans and policies in this area. Maybe there’s no votes in it for the pollies, who knows?

I searched hard for anything in the election which may have had benefit for the homeless. That search resulted in this cartoon, which is not intended to be humorous, rather, symbolic of reality.


Cold and homeless

Cold and homeless

Elections campaigns come and go.

And now for something totally different. Over the years, many of us have been subjected to intrusively boring election campaigns which seem to go on and on and . . . . .

Politicians and their rhetoric in your face everywhere you turn. It just doesn’t stop. Like a bad itch or annoying uncle that just won’t go away.

A tsunami of policies, promises, distortions, and political spin continually pushed at you until you’ve overdosed beyond repair. Aaaarrgh.

Yes, we all know how it feels. So with that in mind, I came up with something different, a new approach I’m trying out which may express how we all feel during an intense election campaign.

It’s on YouTube, and you’ll find it here . . . https://youtu.be/doIFdZ-HJOM

Constructive comments welcome.


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